An irresistible combination of

Metacognition + Ancient Wisdom + Corporate Leadership

Sushil Rapatwar’s deep insights for modern challenges

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We all face moments in life when we need new inspiration and access to wisdom. When we're feeling lost, unsure, or simply in need of a timely push in the right direction, the right guidance to move forward becomes vital. It can offer us a new perspective, new thoughts, and renewed inspiration to keep going, despite the challenges we might be facing.

Solving modern challenges through

three unique concepts of metacognition, ancient wisdom and leadership – blended into one powerful delivery!

A unique blend of M-A-C

Sushil offers a unique blend of Metacognition, Ancient Wisdom, and Corporate Leadership to solve modern-day challenges. His expertise and deep research in each of these areas will offer you a different perspective with actionable and readily implementable frameworks.

Sushil offers five areas of keynote speeches – Leadership, Relationship Building, Sustainability, Modernising workforce, and True Diversity and Inclusion


For a long time, megacognition remained largely limited to academic circles. However, with his extensive expertise, Sushil has brought it to the forefront. He simplifies its complex intricacies and transforms them into practical templates that are applicable to the challenges we face today and will encounter in the future. By delving into the very essence of megacognition and establishing a solid foundation, he empowers individuals to take control of their thinking processes and build upon that strong base. This approach allows for a proactive and empowered mindset!


Sushil has uncovered a wealth of ancient wisdom that is filled with fascinating and timeless ideas, which can be applied remarkably well to address our present-day challenges. His background, extensive research, and deep passion for Indian wisdom enable him to make valuable contributions and resonate with corporate and charitable organizations at all levels.


In the context of the workplace, anyone who makes a decision and takes action to improve it can be considered a leader. By taking charge and making a positive impact, whether it's leading oneself or a team, you contribute to creating a significant and beneficial change. Sushil offers numerous historical stories and practical frameworks that you can readily apply to achieve immediate results, moving towards a brighter and more successful future.

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Benefits of hiring Sushil

Sushil brings expertise and knowledge and provides a fresh perspective to inspire new ideas among attendees. His ancient philosophy stories inspire resilience, and the tips on overcoming challenges that will ignite a sense of purpose and determination in the listeners. Sushil’s engaging delivery style, combined with powerful messages will leave a lasting impact on the attendees.

Why Sushil?

Raised in a traditional Indian family, Sushil was exposed to profound epics and philosophies from a young age. As he grew older, he delved deeper into the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophers while building a successful career in the modern global landscape. Through his studies, he realized that many Eastern philosophers possess invaluable insights that can be applied to our everyday challenges.
With over 25 years of extensive work experience spanning the globe, Sushil has gained a firsthand understanding of the obstacles faced by the Western corporate world. His involvement in various social causes has exposed him to diverse human perspectives. Additionally, his work in metacognitive education initiatives has provided him with a unique lens and expertise.
By blending all of these elements together, Sushil has become adept at deciphering profound insights that can be applied to both personal lives and workplaces. His aim is to share this knowledge to enhance your life and professional environment.

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Here’s what Sushil’s audience is saying about his speeches …


Attending Sushil’s public speaking engagements is always a delight; he never fails to impress. 

His profound passion for ancient Indian stories and heroes, combined with his unwavering belief in their relevance to modern life, is commendable. Sushil’s commitment to sharing the distilled wisdom from these stories leaves a lasting impact on his audiences, motivating them with his quintessential high-energy delivery style. His powerful messages ignite a ‘let’s do it’ feeling among the listeners. 

I wish Sushil every success as he embarks on this new career path. I am confident that Sushil’s captivating charm and thought-provoking narratives will leave an indelible mark.

Aniruddha Kaprekar

Coach, mentor, storyteller

Sushil is a fantastic speaker. I never cease to be amazed by the way that Sushil can bring life and excitement to any topic he presents on from the importance of chewing your food to the sights and delights of India.

Each time he delivers a speech, you experience the whole package with fantastic use of his voice, body gestures and the stage and props around him. I am always learning and yet to be disappointed when I hear one of his speeches.

Sushil has a drive to share his passions arranging multiple speeches for many Toastmasters clubs. I’m excited to see him embarking on his venture into professional public speaking where more people can benefit from hearing him speak.

Cindy Lam

Lloyds Banking Group

Toastmasters Leadership


I have had the pleasure of attending Sushil's presentations and speeches on multiple occasions. And on every occasion his presence on stage is truly magnetic, capturing the audience's attention from the very beginning. With an impressive ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and concisely, Sushil keeps his audience engaged throughout. His passion for the subject matter every time is evident, and he conveys his expertise with remarkable ease. What makes Sushil stand out is his authenticity and relatability. He connects with each member of the audience on a personal level, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. It was as though he was speaking directly to each one of us. The stories he shared were not only compelling but also thought-provoking, leaving us with valuable insights to ponder long after the event. The audience leaves Sushil's talks feeling inspired and motivated to take action. His ability to challenge conventional thinking and encourage us to embrace new ideas is a true testament to his effectiveness as a public speaker. I wholeheartedly recommend Sushil’s name for any event or occasion where you want to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Sushil's passion, expertise, and engaging delivery will undoubtedly make a positive and transformative difference. He has made a few excellent speeches at Maharashtra Mandal London's events and each time he has only done better than before.

Vrushal Khandke President - Maharashtra Mandal London

Sushil Rapatwar is a highly confident, exceptionally knowledgeable and very competent speaker. He always takes the time to think carefully, plan well and delivers with ease. I wish him all the very best.

Madhuresh Mishra President, FISI UK

I’ve seen Sushil develop his speaking skills over the past year and have been so impressed with how far he has developed within this space becoming a confident and engaging speaker. I’ve enjoyed listening to several of his talks.

Nikhil Kotak Product Manager - LBG

We come across many people throughout our lives, and a few of them leave a lasting impression. One such individual I had the pleasure of meeting in 2019 is Sushil Rapatwar. What truly captivated me about him is his profound knowledge on various topics backed by extensive research, and his ability to communicate it eloquently. Sushil's grasp of the subject matter and his understanding of the audience, whether in digital platforms or speaking in front of people, is truly admirable and provides valuable lessons. While some individuals rely on scripted presentations, Sushil effortlessly adapts to any situation and ensures that his message remains relevant to the context.

Manoj Mishra Chairman - Harrow Cricket Club