Who am I?

Who am I, what’s our purpose on Earth are deep philosophical questions.  For the time being let’s set aside the philosophical thought and dive into other aspects of me. I consider myself a metacognitive individual, constantly utilizing metacognition to question and take control of my thought processes in various situations. This practice has empowered me to achieve numerous successes over the years.

Badminton umpire

As an international Badminton umpire, I have successfully officiated high-pressure matches at prestigious events like the All England Badminton tournament and proudly represented England in various European Championships.

Project management professional

In my professional capacity as a project management professional, I have worked across different countries and sectors, including shipping, energy, oil and gas, media, and banking.

Community Champion

Being a community champion, I strongly believe in dedicating my time and efforts to charitable causes. Whether it's participating in 100 km walks for Alzheimer's or actively leading and managing charitable initiatives, I strive to make a positive impact.

Driven by my passion for culture and community spirit, I took the initiative to revitalize one of the oldest cultural charity organizations, Maharashtra Mandal London, during my tenure as the longest-serving president. I rejuvenated the organization by fostering youth participation. Additionally, I co-founded a business networking group in the UK called OMPEG (Overseas Maharashtrians Professionals and Entrepreneurs Group), which has been instrumental in helping hundreds of businesses launch and thrive. I also have the privilege of co-hosting a cultural radio show, where I delve into research on ancient wisdom and present it in a lively and engaging manner. Currently, I have challenged myself to learn Sanskrit and Japanese languages simultaneously, pushing the boundaries of my knowledge and skills. With such a broad and deep understanding, coupled with my intrinsic drive to make a difference, I am now committed to helping leaders, managers, and team players achieve exceptional success in their respective fields.

What do I do?

I am deeply passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. By employing metacognitive techniques to hack the brain, we can unleash the hidden genius within each of us. Whether it’s through delivering keynote speeches at events, conducting masterclasses, facilitating workshops, or collaborating with leadership teams, this is what truly ignites my enthusiasm.

Creating a sense of belonging within organizations is crucial, allowing individuals to cultivate the skills and seize the opportunities that enable them to make their fullest contributions at work.

When individuals possess the confidence and tools to share their brilliance, remarkable things happen. They transform into leaders, teams and groups perform at their best, and everyone benefits.

Ancient wisdom offers a wealth of examples showcasing leadership, effective decision-making in challenging situations, resilience, creativity, collaborative work, and critical thinking. These timeless insights can be effectively applied to solve the problems we face today.

By helping leaders, managers, and individuals take charge of this fundamental aspect of thinking, we can yield significant benefits in the workplace:
I am excited to offer not only engaging keynotes but also comprehensive training and coaching opportunities to support individuals and organizations on this transformative journey!

Sushil Rapatwar as a keynote speaker sought after by companies to deliver messages that inspire teams and individuals to better achieve the value of their own potential resulting in turn a phenomenal growth of their company.

Sushil constantly innovates and adds new references and new nuggets of ancient wisdom towards solving today’s challenges and offers them in an easy to use actionable templates.

Sushil lives in London with his wife and young daughter.

When he is not travelling the world giving talks Sushil involves himself into helping out his favourite charities, plays badminton and engages with his audience through his radio show.