Transformational long-lasting actionable insights brought from ancient wisdom and viewed through metacognitive lens

Sushil Rapatwar offers five distinct keynote options centered around his research & expertise.

Working at the fundamental level of thinking, attendees gain takeaways for success in both business and life.


Integrity, influence, and impact are inherent and interconnected qualities of any accomplished leader. Sushil unveils timeless examples of exceptional leaders from historical records, drawing insights from their experiences. By employing a metacognitive lens, he offers customizable templates that you can apply to your specific circumstances.


Throughout ancient Vedic culture, India has long championed the concept of sustainability. One of the foundational principles of this philosophy is encapsulated in the mantra "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam," which translates to "the whole world is one big family." This ideology emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with ecosystems and seeking sustainable ways to utilize and preserve them.


Shivaji, a pioneering king who founded a native kingdom, demonstrated the significance of having a strategic vision to modernize available resources. Recognizing the importance of adopting advanced and efficient equipment, he embraced innovation. Additionally, Shivaji understood the value of establishing a naval force and is considered the father of the Indian Navy.

Sushil explores the mindset of Shivaji, decoding his strategic thinking, and elucidates how modern-day companies can equip themselves to tackle contemporary technological challenges.


Indian history is abundant with examples of strategic and tactical alliances that proved advantageous to various kingdoms. These alliances were forged based on specific rules and conditions that contributed to their success. Today, we can draw from these historical practices to establish alliances and foster strong relationships with relevant stakeholders, both in corporate and personal settings.


Incorporating diversity into the foundation of thriving companies is not a recent concept. Its immense value was acknowledged and effectively leveraged by numerous ancient kings.  India is an epitome of diversity and inclusion - where many religions, sects, languages, cultures, art coexist peacefully.  Sushil sheds light on the innovative criteria and proven strategies employed from ancient to modern India, demonstrating how they can assist in shaping your own diversity and inclusion agenda. By embracing these insights, you can gain a competitive edge within your industry.

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